Bespoke wooden furniture for your home, church or office.

Home Furniture

Paul and Claire wanted a wine display cabinet as a feature in their dining room. Trevor designed a statement piece of furniture by visiting their home and listening to their ideas. He developed these into apiece that met the clients’ needs and showcases his high-level of craftsmanship.  
Wine rack at the early stages of its buildTrevor from Cotswold Creative Furniture building wine rack at customer's home in the CotswoldsFinished wine rack with glass doors in customer's home

Church Furniture

St David’s Church, Moreton‑in‑Marsh, commissioned Trevor to design and create a communion table, lectern and baptismal font as part of a refurbishment of the church. After considering the designs for the new church interior, Trevor chose oak as the most suitable material because it complemented the other work while maintaining a link with tradition. The wood was kept a lighter shade to be in keeping with the more modern aspects of the refurbishment. Trevor designed the buttresses to represent a firm foundation while the sweeping, curved legs represent the opening of arms, encouraging and welcoming people into the church.      
Close-up of church lectern from Moreton-in-Marsh, Cotswolds.Church furniture with flowers on topChurch lectern at Moreton-in-Marsh, Cotswolds. Designed and created by Cotswold Creative Furniture

Discuss your idea

A table for your lounge, a bespoke desk for your office. Cotswold Creative Furniture will discuss your needs and make it happen.