Designing, building and delivering bespoke wooden furniture

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Traditional Cotswold kitchen with kitchen units designed by Cotswold Creative Furniture

Trevor designs, builds and delivers bespoke wooden furniture by listening to his clients’ ideas and needs. These are developed into a design proposal for discussion and development with the client. Trevor has the imagination and discernment to visualise additional opportunities that go beyond the brief. Any additional suggestions are carefully balanced with the wishes of his clients. It is after these steps that a final design is agreed that will lead to a piece of bespoke furniture that has a positive impact on the living or work space of his clients.

When the design is approved Trevor proceeds with production with a commitment to craftsmanship and quality that will ensure the finished piece not only has the functionality and aesthetics aimed for but is also greatly admired. Clients are welcome to visit the workshop, at pre-agreed times, during any stage of production. Delivery and installation will occur in agreement with clients to ensure there is a minimum amount of disruption.

Trevor wants to deliver a legacy of fine, enjoyable and highly-crafted pieces of statement furniture.

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A table for your lounge, a bespoke desk for your office. Cotswold Creative Furniture will discuss your needs and make it happen.